Our story HEALTHY BEAR - HAIR was created based on the demand of clients who have been seeking the services of our BelleSante salon in Prague for more than 14 years for hair-on-hair micro-thickening after injuries, illnesses or in difficult stressful situations in life. For 5 years, we have been dealing with the issue of food supplements for hair, which would support our efforts for better self-confidence and well-being of our customers.

Two years ago, a clear concept emerged of what such vitamins should be able to do and what and whom they should help. We were based on many years of experience and the requests of clients who for some reason have damaged hair, or their hair is falling out and not growing. Mostly, their hair is damaged by oncological or other demanding treatment, injuries, unprofessional removal of extended hair, unprofessional dyeing or just fine due to genetic predispositions or due to demanding and frequent stresses.

Development was ensured by PharmDr. Alice Sychrová, Ph.D., who works at the Institute of Natural Medicines, Faculty of Pharmacy, Masaryk University Brno. This lady doctor mainly focuses on plants and ingredients and their best processing.

The main requirement was that we don't want a commercial food supplement that relies only on price, but we want a product that will mainly help. In this case, the way the individual ingredients are processed is important, because the cheapest is not always the best. Another requirement of the best-processed ingredients in this way was their subsequent high concentration, which in the given weight units is many times higher than the normally given volume. This resulted in a scientifically prepared food supplement that not only has a large number of ingredients, but also a very strong composition that is based on the best processing of the individual ingredients, their premium quality and very strong concentrations.

You can buy HEALTHY BEAR - HAIR through the e-shop only from us, because distribution in pharmacies and wholesalers drastically increases the price for the end customer, and we want our dietary supplements to help as many customers as possible.


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